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New FnB - Essence Android

1. Added features to manage tables.
2. Added Feature to check guest details by Name.
3. Added Feature to count guests having different breakfast buffet packages like, BF Buffet 30,40,45,60 and to count normal guest from walk-in and guests without package.
4. Added Feature to update table details.
5 Added Feature to See all the opened tables in another view.
6. Created the base for further developments like connecting different devices in networked environment and Feature to punch the F&B Items.

All your support warm welcome.

Vibin Varghese, +971 55 9817794.
Abu Dhabi.

Essence Android is a small software developed for Handling Restaurant Guest by checking guests room number and packages availed by them through Android environment / devices like Tablets or Mobile Phones. The program can read report extracted from Opera, property management software for the room number and Report the packages included in the room.

I created this software to help my hostess to handle guests in quick way and to find the details of guest in a hand held devices to increase their efficiency and productivity. 

Essence Android is developed in Android Developer Tool and Eclipse. Programmed in JAVA. 


Essence Android Team,

Vibin Varghese.


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